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Rugby Boys

Rugby is a product or a material that helps to put things together. It holds materials that are broken and tore apart. But here in the Philippines, Manila to be exact. Rugby is not just a product that is helpful to those people that wants to put their broken things.


This is a boy in Malate Manila sniffing a bottle of rugby. They thought that rugby can help them to forget the awful situations that they are in right now.You can see alot of them on the streets with their rugby friends, playing,laughing… Some people are irritated with them..Hated  them.

Lost of hope is the reason why they are doing this. They are being hopeless with their lives. Lack of food,homeless, and lack of love with their own parents, or guidance from their parents.

rugby people

Sniffing a bottle of rugby makes them free, and high. It also helps them to forget everything and to create their own world with their rugby buddies. A world without problems, without people that will judge their appearances. A world without pain due to the circumstances with their lives. For them, Rugby is like a drug. Rugby is their best bud.

Yes, rugby helps them to forget everything…just for now. Tomorrow, there is new life for them..And they will be needing a bottle of rugby again…