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Starting a Blog: Why should you choose wordpress?

As a starter, new blogger tends to choose a site where they can stay and post their blogs.  There are lots of blog sites for you to choose. But you can start writing on your friendster or multiply account for you to be familiarize.

If your blog is about a poem or dramas in life, you can create a blog on friendster account because it will be sent to your other friends  Or you can make an account on allpoetry.com. Where poets gather and share their poetry for improvements or just to show their talents on writing.

Okay, back to the topic. Why would you choose wordpress as your home? Basically, blogger and wordpress are like the same. I created an account on blogger and I enjoyed using it but in wordpress you can see your blog’s statistics unlike blogger. You can see the readers and the total visits on your blog site.

The important thing here is wordpress has awesome themes, you can choose cool themes like what I am using right now. =p I am not saying that you will not choose blogger but what I am saying is that if you are really serious about your blogging career, better choose wordpress.

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